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Jalapeno Barbecue Sauce

The Original recipe only with just the right amount of kick! This is our most popular flavor and it should be, it is delicious! Use it to wow your guests or your taste buds. Suggested pairings are ribs, chicken, and brisket. YUM, YUM, YUM!

Available in singles, gift packs, and cases (12 to a case)

Regular Barbecue Sauce

The Original recipe that is perfect with just about anything! Our proprietary formula has been used since we acquired Pine Ridge in 2006. Use it as a finishing touch on any BBQ creation or as a dipping sauce for fries, veggies, or chips.

Available in singles, gift packs, and cases (12 to a case)

Sweet Mustard Sauce

Our Award-Winning sauce, Sweet Mustard will have you begging for more! Combine with either the Standard or Jalapeno Sauces and you have the ultimate marinade! Or just eat it with your favorite sides and prepare to be wowed!

Available in singles, gift packs, and cases (12 to a case)


Pine Ridge Barbecue & Dipping Sauces

The Story:

Over history, some of our favorite products have been born out of necessity. Such is the story of Pine Ridge products. Melissa Armstrong, a young mother, living on a ranch in Kaycee, Wyoming, ran out of a brand name BBQ sauce that her family liked. Like so many resourceful ranch folks, she took what she had in her kitchen and put together something she thought might be good. Her family liked it and thus began the life of Pine Ridge BBQ and Dipping sauces. Living on a busy ranch, she made the decision to pass on her dream in order to keep up with a growing family.

We have used these products in our catering business and sold them in our gift shop for years with great success. In July 2006, the Herbadashery purchased the proprietary rights to manufacture Pine Ridge BBQ and Dipping Sauces and Sweet Mustard. Since then we have retired and closed our shop, gardens and catering business in 2013 but continue to make Pine Ridge sauces. We maintain the exact recipes and procedures in manufacturing these fine products in our FDA kitchen at the Herbadashery in Casper, Wyoming.

We thank you for purchasing these Wyoming-made products and hope you will be a longtime, satisfied customer of ours.

~Barb & Eli